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April 1, 2019 7:28 PM April

Las Vegas, NV

I have known this beautiful momma and her amazing kiddos for 9 years now. She is truly one of the strongest women I know, and I am always so honored when she entrusts me to capture her family moments. It's wonderful to watch her kids grow and change through the years. They are all so fun, and I'm positive these kiddos keep their mom on her toes every waking moment of the day. But just look at the love they have...simply beautiful. 

Here are just a few of my favorites from this amazing outdoor family destination session to Las Vegas, NV. Enjoy!

April 30, 2018 12:44 PM April

Central Nebraska

A lot of you might already know that I am not only a Professional Photographer, but I have also recently finished up my studies to become a professional Birth Doula (aka a professional birth coach). 

This journey of mine has been a back and forth battle for me. Do I become a doula? Do I not?
I have had a lot of doubts, but this group of amazing women has truly helped me find the right path to follow.
The right path for me. 

So, to thank this new amazing tribe of ladies I offered them headshot sessions. To show them not only how thankful I am to know them, but to also help them see how special and beautiful they truly are. 

The work of a doula is truly special. You are a servant. A guide. A support base full of knowledge.
A doula's work is life changing, and world changing. 


Because birth matters. Birth is a key pivotal point in a woman's life. It will forever change her and her outlook on the world.
Doula's help to make this moment an amazing experience through knowledge and support. 

So just who are these wonderful women? 

These are just a few of the amazing women from the central Nebraska Childbirth Circle in Kearney, NE.
A group of Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Lactation Consultants and more.
A beautiful tribe of knowledgeable women setting out to improve birth for Nebraska. 

For more information about the Childbirth Circle, please check out their website:

April 30, 2017 11:27 AM April

Boulder City, NV

Every once in awhile I get asked to do themed sessions where kids or families dress up in costumes.
This session just spoke to the nerd in me, and I was all over making these images ultra special for this little man's birthday session. 

Star Wars costume at the Dry Lake Bed in Boulder City, NV...who wouldn't love that!?

However, while I love the images...they were missing something.
Then it hit me...we need a death star and some color in that light saber.
And Voila!
Custom, unforgettable birthday portraits. Designed just for my little client. 

I love that I can create one of a kind pieces, tailored just to my clients wants and needs. It makes what I do that much more special.
I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

April 24, 2017 11:47 AM April

Boulder City, NV

By now, you probably realize how much I love to travel around the country for my clients. Destination sessions like this one are just part of why I love my job so much. A beautiful family and a stunning location. 

What you might not realize, I LOVE to take photos of families with their pets. And I'm not just talking a dog, but Horses, Cats, even birds and snakes. 

A pet can be a huge part of your life, of your family's life. So why not consider adding them to your family portraits at least once. And that is just what the Miller family decided to do.

Four of the most beautiful horses, a silly pony, and a puppy all came with them for this photo shoot at Boulder City, NV Dry Lake Bed. 

The images are now priceless memories that they will always have of their WHOLE family...pets included. Even Grandma came out to be apart of this momentous occasion. Gotta love it!

Just a few of my favorite images are listed below. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me for your next Family portrait session. I would love to chat with you.

April 11, 2016 1:50 PM April

Hastings, NE

If you are a follower of my blog, these adorable smiling faces may look very familiar to you. But you may be asking...why are they in Nebraska and not Las Vegas? Well, that is because their mommy and daddy took a family vacation to Iowa and our studio was a stop along the way for them. How awesome is that!?!?

Mom is in the Army, and had just gotten off of a very long training stint in Texas. So as a reward they took a vacation and wanted some awesome family photos done (see part two for those). However...I thought mom might also like a few of her kiddos with her army gear. So while they were here we did these sweet little photos in our studio. It was so much fun!

Check out these Army Camo portraits for mom below and then click to the next article for their super fun family zombie portraits...you won't want to miss those!

April 29, 2015 2:34 PM April

Las Vegas, NV

I must say...I thought I would miss this birth. It's not very often that I feel that way, but I seriously thought my lovely backup photog was going to get to be there to welcome this squishy little man into the world. You see Mom's EDD (Estimated Due Date) was over Easter weekend...while we were out of town! Eeek! But everything works out as it should, right? And we made it back on Easter, with mom not really having any signs of labor. Phew! It was then that I knew I would get to be here for it, and expected it to be any day....any day....any day...

As the days past, my heart started to ache for mom, a dear friend of mine. Going past your EDD can't be fun. I mean, we all start getting the "Have you had that baby yet?" questions starting at 37 weeks practically. But once you go over...they become a daily or multi-daily occurrence. Those questions can be so hard on a mom. They can eat away at her confidence for her birth. They can make her anxious and start questioning...WHY? So I didn't want to ask. Instead, I tried to message her "How are you doing?" and "Stay strong. You got this." type messages.

But as the days past, you could tell mom was a little tired of being pregnant. This momma is an old pro...expecting her 4th baby and also a Childbirth Educator. She knew baby would come in his own time. Yet, we all get to the point when we are just DONE, and I think April 17th was her day. That's when contractions began...

At almost 2 full weeks past her EDD, I get a text message at 11:30pm saying "Having some stronger contractions tonight...just wanted to give you a heads up." YAY! Her day was finally here. So I made sue everything I needed was ready to go, and headed to bed. But at 4:15am...another text comes in and it's time to leave.

When I arrive at the families home, mom and dad are "dancing" through some contractions...holding each other and lightly swaying. The midwife, Miss Sherry Hopkins, is there with her student midwife, Miss Cassie Franco. And the lovely Miss Jollina Simpson is there setting up the birth tub. A baby will definitely be here today.

After setting up my equipment, it was just after 5am, and mom was about ready to be in the tub. In fact...I think she was about ready to jump in even if it wasn't full yet. Ha!

Once mom got in the birth tub, labor seemed to pick up the pace. Contractions were getting close together, and mom wanted dad in the tub with her for support. It's always wonderful to watch a husband supporting his wife in labor. And as mom is a Bradley Method instructor...having dad there helping was key.

As the hour passed by, the sun began to rise. The room began to fill with beautiful sunlight, and we all knew this baby was waiting for dawn to make his arrival. By 7am, mom was ready to meet her son, and dad hopped out of the tub. Her waters hadn't broken, and we were all excited to see if this sweet little boy would be an En Caul baby. Then all of a sudden...Pushing!

As mom pushed...you could see baby's head still in the amniotic sac. It was amazing to watch baby's head crowning and then out, with the sac still intact. Then....just as his shoulders were delivered the waters break and he is born into the hands of the Midwife and his Daddy. Yep...I cried. It was such a beautiful sight.

Big brothers, grandma, and auntie were all there to witness this little boys grand entrance. He snuggled in for some cuddles with his momma and daddy as big brothers admired him. Mom said "I guess you won't be going to soccer today." to her eldest son. His response "That's ok. I'd rather welcome a new family member." Yep...teared up again at that! Such sweet boys. Such a beautiful family.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images from this amazing birth...

April 23, 2015 12:15 PM April

Las Vegas, NV

Outdoor portraits in the spring are some of my favorites of the whole year! The grass and trees are green, the flowers and cactus are blooming, the temperature is divine....and the sunsets are spectacular. 

So when Miss Rian & Sir Logan's mom contacted me for some spring birthday portraits outside...I got super excited. And I must say...I think this session exceeded my expectations, even with a bit of wind. These two are simply adorable to begin with, so how could the pictures not turn out amazing. Ha! But the light was perfect...the setting was perfect...it was a bit breezy, but we made it work for us, and I'm in love with the results.

Check out these favorites from this adorable outdoor spring session. Enjoy!

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