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February 20, 2019 5:56 PM February

Hastings, NE

This was such a wonderful photo session. Not only did we create lasting memories for this family, but we also got to celebrate dad's birthday. Such a special day for photos!!
Here are just a few of my favorites from this amazing studio session.

February 9, 2019 3:36 PM February

Hastings, NE

Milestone mini's are some of my favorite sessions to photograph. Not only are they...well...a milestone age, but the curiosity of baby is amazing to watch. This sweet little girl was just 9 months old for this mini session, and man did she ever ham it up for the camera. 

Check out a few of my favorites from this session...

February 12, 2017 10:51 AM February

Hastings, NE

When a potential client contacts me for a session resulting in just 5-10 images, I always offer up a mini session to them. There is no sense in doing a full 2 hour session that will result in 25+ images if the client only truly needs 5 images. You always have to think about what is best for them.

So when Mrs. Miller contacted me regarding a few photos of her grandson's, a mini session was first on my list of items to offer her. Then she said...and SIX puppies! I got SO excited! 

I love to work with animals. Crazy, I know! But I really do. I have always loved animals and babies, so how could I say no to a session that would incorporate BOTH in one session? I couldn't.

My mind ran wild with poses, shots, props.....this was going to be a fun session. The only thing I forgot to ask....what kind of puppies. Ha! My brain has envisioned little puppies, but these sweet little babies were Great Pyrenees puppies and there was nothing little about them. Not quite 6 weeks old, and their paws were almost the size of the palm of my hand. Needless to say....I had to alter some of my plans on props. Ha!

But all in all, the session went amazing. The boys laughed. The puppies posed. And while I did have to do some sewing of images in photoshop...the end results are classic cuteness overload! Check out some of my favorites below.

February 25, 2016 6:00 PM February

Las Vegas, NV

This sweet little princess arrived just 3 days before I was set to arrive in Las Vegas. Talk about perfect timing! 

I normally don't do in-home newborn sessions, but I just had to make and exception for this sweet little princess. I've known her momma for quite awhile, and have photographed her family off and on for a few years. So of course I was thrilled to get to do this fantastic newborn session for them. And as out of practice as I am at doing in home sessions...this one came out amazing! Check out my faves below....

February 16, 2016 5:52 PM February

Las Vegas, NV

So you have probably noticed that I have flown back to Las Vegas for several session. Well, I had booked quite a few before we moved, and I didn't want to cancel but instead come back to give hugs and say farewell to my beloved clients. Each client has been so special to me. Photographing them one last time has meant so much to me on these last few trips back. 

This little girl though....There was NOTHING going to keep me from shooting her first birthday photos. I was one of the first to find out she was arriving, I got to be there to photograph her birth, and I have photographed each of her milestone moments. Her momma and daddy have become such good friends. There was just no way I wasn't going to come back to photograph this major event for them.

Now...you may notice this is a bit different cake smash than others I have done. Well, that is because little Miss Eden has been diagnosed with possible Cerebral Palsy. Doctors are still running tests and have her in physical therapy for now, which seems to be helping. However, at one year of age, she can't hardly sit on her own and is unable to crawl. She suffers from tremors, and has trouble holding items in her tightly closed hands. She is also much smaller than the average 1 year old at about the size of the average 6 month old. But she has a heart of gold and a joyous smile. Her personality is so beautiful. Anyone that meets her falls fast in love.

So we had to alter our normal cake smash just a bit. We borrowed a high chair, and had daddy standing close by for assistance. But to all our surprise...Miss Eden sat up. She even PUSHED HERSELF UP onto all fours for a couple shots! A huge smile on her face. Tears came to my eyes knowing how this sweet little one has struggled, and to do these momentous milestones on her photo shoot day....there are no words for how happy I was to be there to capture it all for mom and dad.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from this momentous birthday cake smash session.

February 15, 2016 5:55 PM February

Las Vegas, NV

This sweet family is one of my favorites to photograph. They have so much love for their precious little girl, and little Miss Callie has SO much personality. She is shy at first, and is a typical 2 year old with her curiosity. But give her a few minutes and she is giggling for the camera. But my favorite...her stunning eyes and luscious curls! Mom and dad need to watch out for this little miss for she will move mountains when she gets older. 

She is a sheer joy and definitely the angel of her parents eyes. Please enjoy this long list of favorites from this beautiful outdoor family session...

February 26, 2015 12:36 PM February

Las Vegas, NV 

Miss Devyn is TWO! That's right...two. I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was photographing her momma's beautiful baby belly, and now here we are at her 2 year birthday portraits. It's so amazing how fast it all goes, and truly makes me appreciate the fact I get to watch them grow up in front of my camera.

I love when this little miss comes in with her sweet family. They are always a barrel of laughs. Especially this little one...check out the personality she give in the last image when we say we are all done with bubbles and photos. Ha! I still laugh so hard just thinking about it.

Here are just a few of my favorites from this amazing Birthday session.

February 13, 2015 12:48 PM February

Las Vegas, NV

I am always so thrilled to have this precious little girl and her folks in my studio. That little smile and those big brown eyes are just too cute! For this growing baby session, little Miss Celisse's was turning 6 months old and was ready for her milestone moment. The sitting up milestone is a time I always love to capture, and man was she an expert already! So strong! I have a feeling this little lady might be walking the next time I see her. Ha!

Check out some of the amazing images we captured in this Growing Baby 6 month session.

February 5, 2015 5:53 PM February

Las Vegas, NV 

This tiny little princess finally made her debut and has come to my studio for some newborn photos! She has been anxiously awaited for months, as I know her mom always has some amazing plans for all her photo sessions. So I couldn't wait to see what mommy had planned for her newest little princess.

I have been photographing this sweet girls big brother since he was born, and I had all these ideas for brother-sister photos. However, when you are dealing with a 2 year old and a newborn...you are at their mercy. While mom and I had grand plans, the kids had plans of their own. Final score was Kids 7, adults 1. That's right...1 image of the two of them together. Ha! But one is better than none, so we are thankful. And while it wasn't the pose that I had intended, or I'm sure that mom had envisioned either...it was what little man wanted. The fun of working with Toddlers. Gotta love it!

Luckily little Miss Eden was happy as a clam to pose up and sleep throughout her session. With a few momma milk breaks, she settled right in to her poses all warm and comfy. 

All in all her images came out amazing! Check a few out below...

February 20, 2014 3:08 PM February

Las Vegas, NV 

It was just an ordinary day. I stretched, got dressed, sat down to eat breakfast, and opened up the phone to check what's going on with the Facebook family and friends. That is when I notice a post on from my lovely client that she is in labor...


My heart began to race a bit. There was no phone call! Did I accidentally turn my phone off? No. Maybe it is just early labor. When did she post? AHH! Like 2 hours ago! Heart pounding now....

Then the text messages and phone calls began…(yes I can make a nuisance of myself when need be). Her sweet husband responded with..."you better get over here", and I quickly packed up to leave for a wonderful “birth”day of a precious little girl.

I arrived just after the midwife…Phew! Not too late. But after finding a quiet, out of the way spot for my camera bag I heard the familiar sounds of active labor. Baby will not be too long.

A little over an hour later…Baby girl arrives partially en caul and right into mommy's loving embrace. Dad never left her side, and big sister was there to watch baby sister come into the world. Another beautiful birth story for another amazing family! 

Welcome to the world Miss Delilah.

February 13, 2014 3:10 PM February

Las Vegas, NV

This is a new type of session that I started offering this year. A Simply New session is for those that want super new baby bonding photos (within first 48 hours of life), but don't really want the actual birth photographed. As this was a new type of session for our studio, I offered a session during one of our holiday give-aways....this lovely mommy won!

As she was soon to be welcoming their second child…a handsome little boy...Mom was SO excited to win this fantastic new type of photo session. She had been wanting birth photos done, but it was just out of her price range. So winning a discount on a Fresh & New session was just perfect for them.

And when this little man arrived…I got to be there within 24 hrs to meet him and all of his cuteness. Big brother was so in love with his little brother. Grandparents were over the moon, and mom and dad glowed with happiness. It was truly an honor to photograph the first moments of this new family of four. To capture their love forever. 

Enjoy a few of my favorites for this beautiful Fresh & New session…

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